Manuclinical is a team with experience in the Defence Sector. We have SC and security clearance and are extremely experienced in delivering projects in a secure and controlled environment.


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Manuclinical is a team with experience in the Defence Sector. We have SC and security clearance and are extremely experienced in delivering projects in a secure and controlled environment. With the Securiclad and secure panelling systems we are able to deliver secure walls, vaults, strong rooms and secure data centres which meet the strictest security ratings below. The LPS 1175 security ratings are set by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), which works closely with the police, Government, insurers, risk consultants and architects to develop its standards.


Ballistaclad - the perfect solution for high risk sectors...

We can also provide the Ballisticlad system which is Certified to Ballistic Standards EN1522/23 (1999) FB2, FB3, FB4, FB5 and FB6 with a non-spall rating, Ballisticlad panels are ideal for use in the nuclear, utilities, defence and additional high risk sectors.

Ballisticlad provides protection against AK-47s and other assault rifles, as well as a range of handguns, including a 0.44 calibre Magnum weapon.

Ballisticlad can be used to create walls and free-standing enclosures. It can also be retrofitted to a ballistic lining into existing buildings.

We offer a turnkey ballistic package that achieves a ballistic solution combined with SR4 security, fire ratings and thermal efficiency in one lightweight panel.

Ballisticlad has been designed for use in the following environments:

  • Gatehouses
  • Critical government infrastructure sites
  • Guard huts
  • Perimeter buildings
  • Panic rooms
  • Utilities facilities
  • Nuclear facilities

In response to increasing demands in the defence sector, we have ensured that the panels and materials we use have all passed testing and are approved by HM Government.

At Manuclinical we are always looking for the next challenge and want you to receive a defence solution that is best for you and will help towards enabling protection of your facilities. The products we use are available in a variety of different compositions to suit your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a selection of some of the questions we get asked the most. If you have a question of your own not answered here please don't hesitate to get in touch - Click Here

We are experienced at working alongside many designers and understand the various levels of detailed design to ensure the required level of support. We are more than willing to support existing design teams to ensure that budgets and projects can be realised as expediently as possible.

Yes, we are able to facilitate travelling to multitude sites if projects are spread out around the UK. Some of our clients prefer one supplier to ensure consistency across its facilities and we are able to deliver this service.

Manuclinical are able to complete the full design and installation package should this be required and undertake the principal contractor role for successful delivery. Our team has over 30 year’s experience of delivering successful construction projects and managing design and we can outline our proposals and timescales should this option be required.

We are able to provide a full design, supply and installation package if you require this service. If this is required, we recommend that you engage as soon as possible so that we can fully ascertain your brief and ensure we finalise your proposals in the most expedient time possible.

This will depend on the volume, type and nature of your enquiry. However, Lead periods can be discussed during initial discussions and proposals can be tailored to reduce lead times should time be one of the key factors to project success.

Our advice is to share with us what you are trying to achieve and with our experience we will provide you with the benefit of our knowledge. Many of our clients have benefitted from an initial consultation which has added value to both parties and helped them make critical decisions on their schemes which have greatly impacted the successful delivery of their projects.

Our team are extremely experienced in delivering large scale building projects and have a detailed knowledge of the standards required to deliver exemplary Health and safety standards. As we are able to deliver not just sub-contractor but the principal contractor role, we have all the experience and accreditations to deliver an exceptional level of Health & Safety.

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At Peninsula Dental School we have explored all options to increase further our capacity for Aerosol Generating Procedures on student clinics. Working very closely with Manuclinical and utilising best available evidence, we were keen to ensure optimal Air Changes per Hour in a temperature controlled environment, which the PODs allow. Looking to the future our view is that air change and air flow in clinical facilities will remain of paramount importance and the PODs complement the Open bay clinical teaching environment, whilst ensuring optimal air changes in both.
Ewen McColl
Director of Clinical Dentistry, Peninsula Dental School, Plymouth University

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