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Our Clean rooms Installation Services

We are very experienced working across the medical, clinical, manufacturing and forensic sectors where this facility is required and able to deliver your specific requirements. As the name suggests, a ‘clean room’ is clean and has low levels of pollutants such as dust, microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapours. It is a ‘contained space’ where provisions are made to minimize the introduction, generation, and retention of particles inside the room, and control other environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure. Our specialist cleanrooms can convert production facilities into classified clean environments. We have the experience and technical know-how to develop a unique solution in collaboration with you. We can provide decentralised air handling to process and deliver the high volume of clean air needed to achieve particle concentration levels detailed in ISO 14644-1:2015.


We are Clean rooms design and construction specialists...

Our in-house team will help develop an efficient layout for your clean room, balancing process flow with the factors that will provide regulatory compliance such as air changes and pressure differential. Our solutions can provide:

  • Cost effective cleanroom solution to achieve ISO 14644-1:2015 classifications
  • A Panel system, hardwall and softwall construction options
  • Advanced Industry 4.0 control system and market-leading ancillaries
  • Works delivered if required in a live environment maintaining services so your production can continue.

As a clean room design and construction specialist, we can work as a main contractor performing full turnkey project management, or we can work with your project team to deliver the required solutions.

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Using digital technologies, we create seamless interfaces between facility and clean room – planning performance with exacting accuracy on even the most complex of cleanroom suites. Through collaborative consultancy and robust project management, our specialist and highly skilled team will deliver the right combination of solutions to produce results.

  • Turnkey panel system cleanroom facilities with high level finish
  • Efficient Cleanroom Operation (ECO) control system and market-leading ancillaries
  • 3D modelling and digital technologies facilitating cleanroom design if required
  • Robust project management & technical support
  • Qualification testing & validation to ISO 14644-1:2015 and EU GMP Annex 1

We understand how important air handling and ventilation are within a clean room space to achieve the required contamination control both in the air handling and the filtration. This is why we are able to provide the full package of services supply and design in coordination with the construction package to ensure our customised solutions meet client’s exact requirements. Together we design a bespoke solution including validation and certification to meet regulatory compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a selection of some of the questions we get asked the most. If you have a question of your own not answered here please don't hesitate to get in touch - Click Here

We are experienced at working alongside many designers and understand the various levels of detailed design to ensure the required level of support. We are more than willing to support existing design teams to ensure that budgets and projects can be realised as expediently as possible.

Yes, we are able to facilitate travelling to multitude sites if projects are spread out around the UK. Some of our clients prefer one supplier to ensure consistency across its facilities and we are able to deliver this service.

Manuclinical are able to complete the full design and installation package should this be required and undertake the principal contractor role for successful delivery. Our team has over 30 year’s experience of delivering successful construction projects and managing design and we can outline our proposals and timescales should this option be required.

We are able to provide a full design, supply and installation package if you require this service. If this is required, we recommend that you engage as soon as possible so that we can fully ascertain your brief and ensure we finalise your proposals in the most expedient time possible.

This will depend on the volume, type and nature of your enquiry. However, Lead periods can be discussed during initial discussions and proposals can be tailored to reduce lead times should time be one of the key factors to project success.

Our advice is to share with us what you are trying to achieve and with our experience we will provide you with the benefit of our knowledge. Many of our clients have benefitted from an initial consultation which has added value to both parties and helped them make critical decisions on their schemes which have greatly impacted the successful delivery of their projects.

Our team are extremely experienced in delivering large scale building projects and have a detailed knowledge of the standards required to deliver exemplary Health and safety standards. As we are able to deliver not just sub-contractor but the principal contractor role, we have all the experience and accreditations to deliver an exceptional level of Health & Safety.

Industry Partners

What Our Clients Say

At Peninsula Dental School we have explored all options to increase further our capacity for Aerosol Generating Procedures on student clinics. Working very closely with Manuclinical and utilising best available evidence, we were keen to ensure optimal Air Changes per Hour in a temperature controlled environment, which the PODs allow. Looking to the future our view is that air change and air flow in clinical facilities will remain of paramount importance and the PODs complement the Open bay clinical teaching environment, whilst ensuring optimal air changes in both.
Ewen McColl
Director of Clinical Dentistry, Peninsula Dental School, Plymouth University

Industries We Serve

We cover a wide range of industries, including the ones below:

Clinical & Healthcare

At Manuclinical we can provide high quality cleanroom systems which in turn provide a healthy and safe environment for patients and personnel. Our products and installations are fully designed to cope with the specific requirements that the Healthcare sector demands and our level of understanding of this criteria that enables us to design and deliver projects successfully. Whether it is a hospital refurbishment or clinical space that has specific cleanroom hygiene and performance requirements, we are able to deliver a bespoke solution. This has been tested through the recent Covid Pandemic where regulations, standards and facilities have had to be developed extremely quickly to deliver a different solution to an emerging problem.


Manuclinical provide schools with hygienic cladding solutions to ensure the well-being of the students and staff, alongside acoustic solutions for different learning environments. We can also adapt our finishes to include virtual projector screens, wipe clean and magnetic finishes for flexible teaching and a variety of colours to meet interior design requirements. Our products provide a high level of performance in relation to acoustic, thermal and fire requirements. In fact, materials can provide an excellent stimulus for science and technology students within school curriculums and schemes. Our solution offers you the opportunity to draw on us to facilitate case studies and workshops with QTS staff to engage with students and lead learning opportunities.


We have extensive experience in delivering projects of various scale and complexity in the manufacturing sector. From Air locks to partitioning and large-scale adaptions to major manufacturing plants for global clients, Manuclinical are able to deliver a bespoke solution for every specialist environment. Our levels of Health and Safety are exemplary, and we are experienced in delivering projects which fully integrate the clients existing production requirements into our project plan. Whether you require alterations to your existing manufacturing facility, an extension to an existing space to cope with expansion, or adaption to cope with a changing environment, Manuclinical have the team and experience to deliver in all aspects.


The industrial sector has wide range of projects for which Manuclinical are perfectly placed to provide solutions to transform an existing space to meet the future needs of its clients.

Whether you are required to alter or expand an existing facility, install new industrial buildings or change the use of an existing space our panelling systems and full design service will deliver on every occasion. Our panels are also available in a variety of sizes and finish to deliver performance requirements that may be required in relation to acoustic, fire, weather, durability and strength and each is designed to deliver the required solution in the shortest construction period.


Manuclinical is a team with experience in the Defence Sector. We have SC and security clearance and are extremely experienced in delivering projects in a secure and controlled environment. With the Securiclad and secure panelling systems we are able to deliver secure walls, vaults, strong rooms and secure data centres which meet the strictest security ratings. The LPS 1175 security ratings are set by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), which works closely with the police, Government, insurers, risk consultants and architects to develop its standards.


Manuclinical are able to supply the pharmaceutical industry with waste and dust free panelling systems. Our panelled systems are chosen and designed to every specific environment and we are able to deliver proposals which meet our clients required performance and deliver solutions to exact detailed specifications. With our experience in other sectors such as Laboratory and Forensics we can detail a designed solution which meets temperature, air change and cleanroom classifications to meet any Pharmaceutical environment.

Laboratory & Forensic

We deliver temperature controlled and cleanrooms environments to ensure atmosphere is at the required level to ensure these sectors can perform against scientific standards. We understand that environments in forensic facilities require a minimal level of particulate occurrence to avoid product contamination. We are able to deliver clean rooms ranging from ISO Class 9 through to ISO Class 1 and deliver bespoke solutions to your needs.


Manuclinical are here to help ensure you are able to provide a dental health facility to all. Ranging from training to treatment and community care. Manuclinical are also the first panelling company in the UK to produce Covid compliant dental training pods delivering a one-stop solution to meet the new preventative measures and requirements. Our teams have been able to design and build new COVID-safe medical rooms in a short space of time to enable students to continue their training in a COVID-safe environment.

Food Production & Distribution

We support the food industry especially as production are investing more in clean rooms. This is due to the high level of hygiene standards required in food production facilities and the changing landscape and requirements across various products and chemicals. All our projects provide a highly efficient, sterile and safe controlled environment for food production as we work with the client to provide these high standards with our technical knowledge and expertise. Our food safe laminate coated panels with Thermocore PIR continue to elevate the level of hygiene for our clients and combined with the fire and thermal properties provide a perfect solution for every design. All products are adaptable and designed with each specific environment in mind. Should a project span between food distribution and production, our design would change to ensure that each environment has the best technical and performance qualities suited to its use.


Ranging from secure data/server rooms to containment and holding areas, Manuclinical are able to work with clients and deliver high specification security projects. We are also able to fully integrate infrastructure and services requirements within any security installation to ensure that areas are not only safe but also fully functional from an end user perspective. We are able to offer a number of various SEAP ratings with our security installations and meet Government, Police and Risk assessment security requirements.

Examples of popular projects include banks, universities, government infrastructures and private clients. Our Securiclad and secure panelling systems enable us to deliver secure walls, vaults, strong rooms and secure data centres which enables us to conform to the strictest security ratings.

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